Saplings & Spirits - October 18, 2012

Click here to register for (or learn more about) our annual Fall fundraiser and cocktail party, Saplings & Spirits, October 18, 2012 at Bellevue House.

Saplings & Spirits 2012

Newport Tree Society Specimen Tree Restoration Program

Over the next two years, 150 specimen-quality trees will be given at no cost to Newport residents who agree to plant and care for them. A tree planting clinic will be conducted this spring for all tree recipients.


2012 Newport Bare Root Tree Program

Commit to caring for a young tree, and the City of Newport’s Division of Forestry will plant one for you at wholesale cost! Quantities are limited.


The Newport Arboretum

The Newport Arboretum is a new initiative of The Newport Tree Society designed to raise awareness regarding Newport’s renowned urban forest – including its fascinating history, its specimen trees in peril, and what Newporters are doing to plan and plant for the future.

New England’s first citywide arboretum currently features trees tagged across the city, self-guided tree walks, and citizen planting programs. Visit to learn more.


Arboretum-MINI-POSTER-400x5Our fall fundraiser, Saplings & Spirits, was a smashing success this past Thursday, October 28th.  Those of you who attended heard our exciting announcement:  The Newport Tree Society is proud to announce the upcoming launch of The Newport Arboretum, New England’s first citywide arboretum.  …CONTINUE READING…

The Newport Tree Walk Series

The Newport Tree Walk Series is a set of self-guided tours featuring Newport’s grandest specimen trees along with information on Newport architecture, history, and natural history.

Click here to find out how to purchase folded pocket maps, print free tree walks, or download free expanded content tree walks to your smartphone!

How to Plant a Bare Root Tree

Saplings & Spirits - 2011 Fall Fundraiser


2010 Tree of the Year!

The Newport Tree and Open Space Commission has chosen Newport’s 2010 Tree of the Year:


This beautiful Ginkgo biloba was nominated by Kathryn Lucey, who said:

“There are many Ginkgos along Newport’s streets, but
this is by far the most magnificent–especially in the Fall.”

The Ginkgo biloba is the last surviving species of this unusual genus.

A ‘living fossil,’ the Ginkgo tree (or Maidenhair) is one of the oldest surviving plant species on earth (over 280 million years old!). At one time native to New England, and considered one of the most primitive plants on earth today, it was long thought to be extinct in the wild. There is still debate about this. Although surviving stands of Ginkgo have been discovered in China, it is not known if they were cultivated or if they constitute a truly wild, native population of Ginkgo.

Ginkgo trees can be male or female. If you have a female Ginkgo, be careful to rake up fruit in the fall; it quickly becomes rancid.

Newport Arboretum Launch Week!

Visit to view a complete list of launch week activities!


Have a Tree Planted at Wholesale Cost

The City of Newport’s 2011 Bare Root Tree Program is in full swing. Commit to caring for a young tree, and the City of Newport will provide one at wholesale cost and plant it for you! Does it get any better than that?

Visit our Bare Root Tree Program page to take a peek at the beautiful trees that are available and download an application. The tree must be situated within 20 feet of a public roadside. Don’t forget to tell your neighbors. Limited supply.

MAY 2011 UPDATE:  ALL TREES ARE SOLD OUT. Please visit our website in January 2012 to get a jump on the 2011 Bare Root Tree Program.